Turning Cutoff Wood into Usable Items

There is a lot of wood lying about in our communities, big industries throws away tonnes of low quality timber from their factories. Why not collect and make yourself some really good home products. Here is a list of some of such products:

Chopping Board

This is a useful tool in the kitchen, you can save some money to buy other utensils. The board is also durable and easy to work with.

Pallet Wood Silverware Holder

This is another useful kitchen tool which can be made from wood cut offs. The most awesome thing about this tool is that it can also be used for holding plates and other office staff if you so wish.

Toilet Paper Holder

You can make this simple toilet paper holder with the wood cut offs. I can assure you that this great tool will be ideal for the bathroom.

Pallet Wall book Shelf

This awesome tool is ideal for hanging books or magazines, even newspapers can be kept in there.

Wood Bench

A lovely bench for outdoor use, it can be designed using the wood cut offs added with a little colouring to create a uniquely finished bench. It can also be placed by the entrance or around a fire place.

Bed for Pets

Your pets will feel loved even more if you make them a pallet bed. This unique bed for pets is made from wood cut offs that is cheaper to make, if you want you can even include small wheels for more adventure by the pet.

Stool out of Wood

The stool is from wood cut offs. It has been designed to for easy access to hard to reach places like windows when cleaning, water tank, landscaping garden shrubs or the top most of a pantry. It is a multipurpose piece of item to have around a home.

Coffee Table

A table can be made out of these wood cut offs, also wheels come in handy for easy moving around, the table can be placed in the garden or even in the living room if the finishing is neat.

Vegetable Storage Bin

A great way to use up some wood cut offs, create a useful item for your kitchen. Keep your veggies and fruits separated by the small divider and add labels to each compartment to finish it off which promotes orderliness in the kitchen.


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