In the eyes of

Every person has potential to achieve any goal they set upon themselves, of course coupled with corresponding consistency and self-discipline. I once had an experience with my inner-self as I travelled back from visiting my daughter in a far of town.

A ride on the bus

White bus traveling on the asphalt road in a rural landscape at sunset

I sat by the window side with a view of feeding my eyes on the green landscapes that come with the rains. We traversed the country side as the bus moved gracefully on the highway which was not so busy day of the weekend. The scenery was awesome and when I looked through the window, my attention was shifted to something even more beautiful and I was wondering what that could be.

The large windscreen

Just above the large driver’s seat windscreen, I noticed a differently designed glass and when I looked through it, I realised that it was the one responsible for making the outside landscape appear unique, it took me a few minutes to figure out what was going on. Indeed the landscape view had a whole different appearance viewing it through the window. This event got me thinking about the bigger picture about life.

Often times we spend too much energy on trying to figure out the best and perfect way to lead a meaningful life. We engage into unnecessary competition with other people and more often disappointments are the resultant effects that we get. We also look too far and yet the solutions could be right where we are. We end up being sad for not accomplishing imaginary lifestyle when we have a choice to enjoy life in the eyes of the surrounding environment.

The Outside world

There I was, on the seat on the bus, surrounded by total strangers, was enjoying beautiful landscape scenery from two different views. I discovered a new view whilst enjoying the ordinary view that I had already planned for before the start of my journey. A positive mind-set ushered me into another horizon that could only be witnessed by myself alone through the eye-mind coordination.

Several lessons are learned from this whole scenario and that different people may apply them by simplifying and appreciating whatever situation we find ourselves into. Life is meant to be enjoyed and only little things have a great impact on the creation of memories to be cherished today and the near future.

The real joy

Every successful idea is borne in the mind then the mind eye sees it, like in the experience I had whilst I travelled, you too can adapt and train your mind to see things from different viewpoints.

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