How to overcome your fears and get your personal success.

Trying to fight the fear of failure is always a challenge for everyone. The comforting fact is that all fears are learned, there is no single person that is born with fears. Fears therefore can be overcome. This can only be possible by practicing self-discipline repeatedly with regard to fear until it is got ridContinue reading “How to overcome your fears and get your personal success.”

17 Business ideas for college students

Starting a business in college can be a great way to make a living and pay for your way through school or even help your parents pay for your siblings’ school fees. It only takes a positive mind-set to get started. There are hundreds of opportunities available for anyone willing to try out and believeContinue reading “17 Business ideas for college students”

Countering Deforestation

Introduction Deforestation is a pertinent issue that has great negative impact on the natural environment of the world. Many lands have been wiped clear of their natural vegetation. From the simple science that we learned in primary school, good vegetation plays a cardinal role in the availability of good rains. It is therefore, imperative forContinue reading “Countering Deforestation”

My personal fears

MY PERSONAL FEARS ARE MY GREATEST ENEMY. I have always felt I have potential to achieve great things in life, but that monster inside of me has always kept discouraging me. I tried to do some introspection to really find the answer to my inability to initiate something and let it grow into theContinue reading “My personal fears”

7 Things I learned from my former boss

He never told me that I was good When I started out in my career just after I acquired my college certificate, I was super excited and motivated to succeed. But my new boss signaled that I needed to slow down and focus on the job that was right in front of me. It dawnedContinue reading “7 Things I learned from my former boss”

How to improve yourself

How to improve yourself The trending terms of late are Self-improvement and personal growth. Entrepreneurs in the name of life coaches and motivational speakers have taken advantage of this by coming up with all sorts trainings and programs that they intend to sale This often than not is highly tempting as we have the urgeContinue reading “How to improve yourself”

Turning Cutoff Wood into Usable Items

There is a lot of wood lying about in our communities, big industries throws away tonnes of low quality timber from their factories. Why not collect and make yourself some really good home products. Here is a list of some of such products: Chopping Board This is a useful tool in the kitchen, you canContinue reading “Turning Cutoff Wood into Usable Items”

Amazing uses of old plastic bottles

window._mNHandle = window._mNHandle || {}; window._mNHandle.queue = window._mNHandle.queue || []; medianet_versionId = “3121199”; // There are approximately a 100 million used plastic bottles that are discarded every day, with 80% of them simply becoming non-biodegradable litter. It is an undeniable fact that it is convenient to consume drinks straight out of plastic bottles. This stateContinue reading “Amazing uses of old plastic bottles”