How to improve yourself

How to improve yourself

The trending terms of late are Self-improvement and personal growth.

Entrepreneurs in the name of life coaches and motivational speakers have taken advantage of this by coming up with all sorts trainings and programs that they intend to sale

This often than not is highly tempting as we have the urge to improve ourselves and become better.

At the end of it all, a better version of yourself can mean more happiness, stronger relationships, and a healthier life both at home at places of work and even more, success in business.

However, becoming better and growing into a better version of yourself is actually not easy nor is it hard.

They say little things matter the most, there are many tiny things that you can change and impact every day which will lead to your personal growth continuously. This is not a once off activity but rather a habit that should be practiced every day.

Here are some ways to work on yourself every day:

Chose companionship with positive people

Generally, people have a negative attitude and mind-set. Just look at the faces of the people on the bus or in a conference hall, you will realize that most of them are deep in thoughts, some are looking unhappy or showing some sort of worry, annoyed and not spreading positive attitude at all.

In general, most times people tend to talk much more about the negatives than the positives that life has to offer.

Worse still is when try to turn on your TV to watch news, you will be informed of all the bad things that are happening. This brings in more fear and the future really looks bleak.

Surrounding yourself with positive people is one of the most powerful actions you can ever take. They will impact your mind-set to seeing positive within your surrounds.

If you want to become a better version of yourself, negativity must be reduced to a minimum or completely done away with and you need to focus on positivity.

You cannot achieve great things by being negative.

The people around you play a significant role in your own mind-set and can highly affect you.

Once you have chosen to mingle with like-minded people, keeping a positive attitude will be achieved with much ease and you will empower each other through continuously complimenting one another.

However, it is important to note that you do not necessarily need to completely cut ties with old friends because they are negative but you should control the amount of time you spend with them. They may be negative but still remain good people for keeps.

Your time, thoughts and your energy are your most precious resources so be aware of how you use them.

Adjust your comfort zone

Every day there are hundreds of opportunities to get out of your comfort zone and grow your self-confidence.

You have the ability to grow as a person and this is connected to your willingness to take risks and to the amount of action you are willing to take.

Once you step out of your comfort zone once every day, you will discover that your confidence will be growing.

Talking about our comfort zones often times sounds terrifying and as if we have been tasked to tackle the whole lot of the world’s problems.

However, crushing your comfort zone can actually mean something as small as complimenting a stranger, forgiving a relative or a pal and many other tiny gestures.

No matter how small the action is, the often you make these tiny steps happen, the more your comfort zone will grow.

Set motivating goals

Everyone has some dreams they wish to achieve and eventually grow, you need to have big goals to look up to. It always exciting to measure the pace you are moving at only if you set goals and you look up to them.

You got to envision all the things that you want to achieve, explore and experience and write them down in your diary or note book.

This experience is so fulfilling to you ant will motivate you even more on your path of self-discovery.

The other aspect is to continually reading through your notes, check progress and make some adjustments whenever necessary.

Just reading through your notes, envision all of your dreams and imagine the feeling of achieving those goals and experiencing everything that you want to achieve.

This daily reflection of your goals and dreams will propel you to give your best and grow into your best version every day.

Get Education for yourself

If you want to grow into a better version of yourself, self-education is inevitable. Keep learning and you will continue to improve towards becoming a better version of yourself just as you wish.

Nowadays there are hundreds of means and ways of educating yourself, even for free thanks to the advancement in technology and through internet.

Skills are being taught using online resources which allow you to learn skills to improve yourself in any area of your life. The choice is yours to go for what suits your test.

However, the zeal to get better can be there but it requires consistency, no matter what you want to get achieve, the key is consistency. You simply have to make sure to implement self-education into your daily routine.

Only if you continuously learn you can quickly transform into a better version of yourself.

Accept criticism

Accepting criticism and feedback is something most people struggle with. They don’t what to learn from their mistakes. You can only improve by getting other people’s views especially those that are better than you.

We simply don’t like realizing our own mistakes and tend to get discouraged if somebody makes us aware of those. Take a positive approach to criticism it doesn’t hurt and you shall learn a lot.

Every day you have the chance to get valuable feedback on your performance, your product or anything else. Beware of praise singers as they may delay your improvement.

Accepting criticism and feedback as a present instead of getting offended is an extremely powerful habit.

Next time you receive critical feedback, instead of being offended, try to figure out what the person really means. What precise improvements could you make? How can you improve in the most efficient way?

You want to become better so you need to find out what to improve on, receiving feedback is the best way to find out and keep improving. Keep close the people that provide feedback to your by way of criticizing you, you shall thank them later.

All these tiny changes and habits add up and lead to massive outcomes if you stick to them continuously and keep going.

So, take action today and you will be on your way to becoming the best version of you.

Turning Cutoff Wood into Usable Items

There is a lot of wood lying about in our communities, big industries throws away tonnes of low quality timber from their factories. Why not collect and make yourself some really good home products. Here is a list of some of such products:

Chopping Board

This is a useful tool in the kitchen, you can save some money to buy other utensils. The board is also durable and easy to work with.

Pallet Wood Silverware Holder

This is another useful kitchen tool which can be made from wood cut offs. The most awesome thing about this tool is that it can also be used for holding plates and other office staff if you so wish.

Toilet Paper Holder

You can make this simple toilet paper holder with the wood cut offs. I can assure you that this great tool will be ideal for the bathroom.

Pallet Wall book Shelf

This awesome tool is ideal for hanging books or magazines, even newspapers can be kept in there.

Wood Bench

A lovely bench for outdoor use, it can be designed using the wood cut offs added with a little colouring to create a uniquely finished bench. It can also be placed by the entrance or around a fire place.

Bed for Pets

Your pets will feel loved even more if you make them a pallet bed. This unique bed for pets is made from wood cut offs that is cheaper to make, if you want you can even include small wheels for more adventure by the pet.

Stool out of Wood

The stool is from wood cut offs. It has been designed to for easy access to hard to reach places like windows when cleaning, water tank, landscaping garden shrubs or the top most of a pantry. It is a multipurpose piece of item to have around a home.

Coffee Table

A table can be made out of these wood cut offs, also wheels come in handy for easy moving around, the table can be placed in the garden or even in the living room if the finishing is neat.

Vegetable Storage Bin

A great way to use up some wood cut offs, create a useful item for your kitchen. Keep your veggies and fruits separated by the small divider and add labels to each compartment to finish it off which promotes orderliness in the kitchen.

Amazing uses of old plastic bottles

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There are approximately a 100 million used plastic bottles that are discarded every day, with 80% of them simply becoming non-biodegradable litter. It is an undeniable fact that it is convenient to consume drinks straight out of plastic bottles. This state of affairs comes with its own downside as the trash that is accumulated in the process takes a huge toll on the health of the environment. Many small business owners access plastic bottles at a much cheaper price than other forms of packaging.

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So it is vital for you to ensure that when you are done with that plastic bottle not to throw it away, use it to make something awesome it might just save you some money that can be used to buy other home items. You do not need much expertise to make some of the items from plastic bottles, it only takes an innovative mind to achieve great results.

Check out these 20 low cost, creative and functional craft projects that will transform the humble plastic bottle into everything from useful storage to great home decor.

Zipper Cases

You can turn your old plastic bottles into useful and sturdy no-sew zipper cases that will help you organize your life especially that of your school going children. You can use them to store all sorts school, art and craft supplies. This is also an awesome back-to-school craft idea for kids.

Soda Bottle Sprinkler

Sometimes a sprinkler can break down at a time when you do not have mean to get a replacement. Do not despair, you can keep your outdoor plants and lawn happy by using a soda bottle to water them, all you need to do is poke small holes in a plastic soft drink bottle, insert the hose into the bottle and wrap some tape to fix the hose to the opening of the bottle. Turn on the tap and the homemade sprinkler is ready to go.

Bird Feeders

Birds love to be fed, you will be doing them a great favour by providing them food using old plastic bottles from your homestead. If you live in an area that has many birds, a strategically placed recycled bird feeder will provide you with an opportunity to view these pretty feathered creatures at close range as they get to feed from your bird feeders made out of old plastic bottles and other cheaper materials like wooden spoons.

Piggy Bank

Learn a good habit when you are young and you will not grow out of it. Saving a little something from plenty is one such habit that should be part of any person. It might not be much but it can be interesting getting to check on how much you would have saved over a given period of time. A piggy bank is one such item you can use to achieve your goal. A cheaper piggy bank is even more ideal, get an old bottle and turn it into a piggy bank. You will soon be on your way to saving for acquiring an important item in the future especially kids would love to buy a present for their friend’s birthday.

Not only does this simple project recycle a plastic bottle and make an adorable piggy bank, it also encourages kids to starting saving and recycling from a young age. Just cut the bottle appropriately and then have fun creating these super cute designs that will look great on your shelves too.

Kitchen Storage Containers

Homes are always ensuring that they have food readily available whenever it is needed. It is inconveniencing to be rushing to s supermarket whenever you want to prepare food. Old plastic bottles can make excellent storage containers. Food will be bought in bigger quantities and kept in these adorable storage containers. Making repurposed containers out of your old bottles is fun and super easy, plus you could save yourself some money by crafting something you need instead of having to go out and buy rather expensive containers.

DIY Drip Irrigator

Drip irrigation is a very convenient way of watering plants requiring not much effort. It delivers moisture directly to plant roots without over saturating the soil, which helps the plants root deeper and grow healthier since they don’t experience moisture stress. Drip irrigation is also ideal in times when there isn’t much rainfall as you will require less water to irrigate a given potion of the garden as compared to watering the conventional way. All you have to do is to get some 2 litre plastic bottles, punch two holes into the caps, and hang or plant the bottles next to the plants. Fill them with water and let the plants get the slow watering they prefer.

Vertical Hanging Garden

Vertical gardens are becoming popular especially in urban set up where gardening spaces is limited. They are a great solution to many challenges within apart from spaces, water bills can also be a limiting factor. Recycling plastic bottles is a great way to make a garden for yourself. A good number of bottles can be strung together and hung against a wall, a fence or a railing to create a garden. Remember to choose plastic bottles that are stronger in order to withstand the soil from the hanging position for longer periods until the vegetables are ready.

Zero Electricity Cooler

Grey Dhaka has come out as a pioneer together with volunteers from Grameen Intel Social Business in Bangladesh to create the Eco-Cooler – the world’s first-ever zero electricity air cooler, this piece of innovation utilizes a perforated board and empty plastic bottles to create an instant and highly effective air conditioning system.

To make an Eco-Cooler, cut a piece of board to the size of a window on your house. Then drill holes in the board big enough to push a plastic neck through. Get a good number some old plastic bottles and cut the bottoms off, then slide the neck of each bottle through the holes and secure them with the cap till the board is full. Hang the board on the window and watch the temperature inside drop.


Here’s a great practical project for the any member of the family to participate. You can turn used plastic bottles into a greenhouse, and you do not have to worry about the supply of these bottles as they are readily available in many places. You can then enjoy the chance to grow your own food using an economically acquired green house.  A great way to turn trash into something really useful, this project is time consuming and takes a bit of effort, but you get an eco-friendly structure at a fraction of the economic or energy costs of a traditional glasshouse.

Jewellery Stand

This is another beautiful project which is easy to make, a jewellery stand from plastic bottles. It looks great and can hold and hang tons of small jewellery for that organised and smart display in your room. It doesn’t even take long to make as it only involves the cutting of the bottoms of plastic bottles, fix a metallic rod through them and see your craft turn into a beautiful jewellery organizer.

Snack Bowls

You can make use of leftover plastic bottles into unbreakable snack or candy bowls for a party. It saves you time by just cutting the bottom of the plastic bottle, use a hot iron to flatten and smooth out the cuts, and boom, a pretty bowl is ready for use.

Flower pot

You can beautify your surrounding by making flower pots using of old plastic bottles. Just get a five litre old bottle, cut the top part, and make some holes at the bottom of the container for water to be draining out. Fill the cut container with good soil and then Plant some flowers. You can place your flower pots around the surroundings of your house or in the garden.

Garage Stand

There are quite a lot of small items that you work with in the garage, if not well stored, you may find it difficult to locate them when needed. Get some old plastic bottles and make awesome storage containers for small items. Your garage will be organised and neat.

The above and many others are simple ways you can make use of old plastic bottles.

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